Saturday, April 19, 2014

Walls came down. Walls went up. Walls came down. I am sick of walls.

So, really this was 2 weeks ago.  Gas line had not been moved yet, rough inspection had not happened. Ceilings were repainted here...

Then...there was a problem!  We failed electrical inspection. There was only one circuit in our kitchen, and we needed at least 3 or more. Time to hire a professional, and get it over with. Enter Joe and his team!

Notice the walls are down again, with even more cut out. 

To distract ourselves from this slight setback, we went tile shopping for the back splash.

We passed inspection this time, so the walls could go back up. Officially into the 4th week of this project... Taping and mudding of drywall is about to commence.  We bought a fancy laser level to help hang cabinets, and I am going to figure it out today.  All the top cabinets have been built, and I will start on the bases next.  We spent some time figuring out there was a measurement error on one wall, so had to return a cabinet and pick up 2 new ones to replace it. Returning anything to Ikea is never an easy process.

That is a view up the new vent hood duct...six feet, straight shot, right out of the roof. Yay.  I know that is thrilling...but really you have no idea how happy it makes me.

New stove and dishwasher were delivered on Friday.

James is back at it, getting the walls ready to tape.

Winnie wants to help too! :)

New gas line.

Where it used to be.

And with that, I am off to tackle my job today!


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