Saturday, April 05, 2014

Slowly but surely

Progress has slowed a bit.  The old tile backsplash was rather difficult to remove. James ended up just cutting out the drywall with the tile on it, but it was still slower going and messy. It's all gone now though!

James taped off the approximate layout of the cabinets and appliances so he could install or move outlets as necessary. We spent the morning at Home Depot, picking out new outlet covers, and deciding on the under/over cabinet lighting.  A young man named Ben was a veritable font of all things electrical. We learned a lot!

These are our new fancy shmancy outlet fixtures.  We have these really nice cover plates to go on them.  I want to switch out the whole house now!

We are also repainting the ceiling since it sorely needed it.

More electrical work tonight and tomorrow. Boot camp first, then finish painting, bathe stinky doggies, start putting drywall back up. Mom, we were right, you don't have to mud drywall that you are putting tile on :) Sunday we go to Sur La Table to take a class on Sous Vide cooking. It's all about the kitchen ;)

Later dudes....


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