Saturday, April 04, 2009

We went to town today.......

That sounds weird to me...but that's what we did. It was our first trip into Toronto, and we went to visit the One of a Kind Show It was amazing, and put just about any craft/art show I have ever been to to shame!

Toronto is a big bustling city, more so than Dallas, probably more along the lines of NYC! We were surprised. The traffic was crazy, and the drivers were aggressive. But Lake Ontario was beautiful... it was bluish green along the shore, and it looked like the Caribbean instead of Canada! No, I don't have a picture of that, but I will get one next time.

Can you tell where I am standing? I think if you click on the picture it will make it larger on another page. Ok, fine, I will tell you.... I am standing in front of the infamous Lettuce Knit.
Both James and I were shocked at how small the inside is!! Probably 12' x 30'. We met Denny McMillan and had a really nice chat. My first question to her was "How in the heck do you have knit night in here!?!?" She laughed at that, and said it is very close quarters, with a lot of "excuse me" and "oh, pardon me" going on. Now, you are probably thinking...why is there no picture of the inside? Well, it's kind of weird/touristy/stalker like to just go in and start taking pictures! Maybe next time. The one thing I will go back to buy is the Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I would also like to go back and take a dyeing class. By the way, those are held in the basement.

Lettuce Knit is located in what is called the Kensington Market neighborhood of Toronto. It is a very ecclectic mix of shops, fresh markets, restaurants and homes. All kind of jammed in really close together. A little shabby, a little funky, and lots of young people. We had a late lunch at a little Mexican place that Denny recommended and they had excellent guacamole and tasty pork tacos. Yes, we left Texas to come to Toronto and eat Mexican food!

I will leave you with a picture that James took this week, looking out his hotel window at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It is an amazing picture, considering he took it with his phone! I like it so much that I am using it for my desktop. The building (yes it is one building) across the street is the hotel New York, New York. You can see the crazy roller coaster in front of it. Pretty cool. Once again, click on it to see it bigger!


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