Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're here.

It seems more like 2 days ago, and not 14 hours ago. It all started out fine. James had us upgraded to first class (reward coupons), and it was sizing up to be an enjoyable trip. We innocently log on to the travel agent website to double check the departing terminal and gate, and lo and behold it appears we have been booked for 2 different flights this morning! James calls, and it turns out that our original flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems, and our new flight leaves about 30 minutes later and has a connection in NY at La Guardia. Wonderful. To top it all off, we are now on standby for first class, and probably will not sit next to each other. Well, maybe not too bad.... hehe. So off we go to the airport...

We had breakfast at the airport Chili's. We talked to Jordan.

We waited. I knit. Jason's girlfriend Lindsey may have a scarf by the time I get home.

We were lucky, and got first class at the last minute, although we did not sit together. James was 3 rows behind me, both of us at the window, so no chance of anyone stepping up to give up their aisle seat so we could sit next to each other. Oh well. Not so bad, I am thinking, until he started talking. Him. The guy sitting next to me. I have my winter Vogue knitting in my lap, my knitting at my feet. My ipod headphones are attached and ready for the ok from the flight attendant to turn on my digital equipment. Damn. He starts talking and does not stop. I think he likes to hear himself. He is from west Fort Worth. He is some kind of consultant in the shipping business. As in boats. Really big ones with chemical and probably dangerous cargos. Interesting, but I would rather be knitting. I keep staring at the girl on the cover of my Vogue knitting magazine thinking that I would really like to know what yarn they used to make the scarf she is wearing............. I don't hear James talking, and I find out later that he slept through 3/4ths of the flight. Lucky bastard. Sleeping would have been better than listening.

New York looked dismal in the snowy, smog ridden weather. The snow on the ground looked brown and grayish, ugly in the overcast light. I hope it looks better in the sun. How depressing.
Sorry, no pictures of that...

We only made our next flight with 10 minutes to spare.

I got our paperwork together to go through immigration.....

Then I knit some more. It was a smooth flight, basically up, then down. Small jet. Funny pilot. Nobody talking. Perfect.

Ha... that would have been a good place to end this post eh? :-) Nope. the night did not end there. We make it through customs with no problems. At the baggage claim they conveniently have a currency exchange booth. Stupid pictures of me exchanging American green money for pretty Canadian money. 100 US = 107.53 or so Canadian. Dang. I hope it gets better in my favor before we come up permanently.

We wait at the luggage carousel. James' bag comes around and we wait some more. We wait even more. People come and go. All but one or two of the bags are left, but mine is not one of them. The belt that feeds the bags onto the carousel stops. This is not good.....

My luggage missed the flight from NY. A perky and extremely polite agent tells us that my bag will arrive at 10 pm and they will deliver it to the hotel tonight. Ok. I can deal.

We retrieve our car rental and head out for KW (Kitchener/Waterloo). The snow is blowing and the rule seems to be that you drive on the clear tracks on the road...regardless that it may be right in the middle of two lanes. The drive that is normally, on a snow free day, only 1 hour turns into 2. It was not too bad, but a little harrowing when you could hear and feel the tires slide around on the snow. We made it to the hotel, though, and after a good dinner and a pomegranate martini for me, James is now snoring on the couch in our suite. Yes. Suite.

Ok that's it for now. I am sleepy, and can barely hold my eyes open. More tomorrow. Oh, and my luggage never made it. They are saying tomorrow morning around 6 am. I hope so.


Blogger sheepnanny said...

The fabulous world of travel, hope you get your luggage soon. Good luck with the house hunting.
Oh, and tell James to take the bedspread OFF before he lays down on it, gross. Bring back YARN!!
Sheep Nanny

3:41 pm  
Blogger sheepnanny said...

Hummmmmmm, three days since your last post. Now WHO is too busy to blog!! XXOO

12:53 pm  

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